Residence permit for upper secondary school studies

Last updated: 31 7 2018

If you are studying at the upper secondary level and are between 17 and 24 years old, you will in some cases be able to get a more extended temporary residence permit in order to complete your studies.

This applies to you if you are studying in upper secondary or special needs upper secondary education, or on an equivalent programme at e g a folk high school or in municipal adult education (Komvux).

The duration of the temporary residence permit will depend on how much of the education programme you have left.

What is required for you to be granted a residence permit for upper secondary school studies?

Many factors influence your possibilities of being granted a residence permit for upper secondary school studies.

The rules differ for those who are asylum seekers and those who have a temporary residence permit they want to extend. The rules also differ depending on whether you arrived in Sweden without your parents or with your family, if you are studying on a national programme or an introduction programme, and in certain cases depending on when you applied for asylum.

In order to be allowed to keep a residence permit for upper secondary studies you have to show regularly that you have been taking active part in your studies. For example, you have to submit your grades, or certifications from the school that you have attended lessons, to the Migration Agency every year.

What happens once you have completed upper secondary school?

When you have completed your upper secondary studies you can apply for a permanent residence permit if you are able to earn enough money to support yourself.