Children aged 0-5

Last updated: 6 2 2019

​​Having a child of pre-school age means great joy but also many challenges for you as a parent.

  • Pregnancy


    ​​Here you can read more about where you can turn during and after the pregnancy, as well as about unwanted pregnancies.

  • Children who are born in Sweden

    Children who are born in Sweden have the same citizenship as their parents have. If the child's parents are citizens of a country outside of the EU, the parents must apply for a residence permit for the child. The child will most often receive the same permit as the parents have.

    Acknowledgement of paternity

    If the child's parents are married and the mother is registered in the population register in Sweden, the husband is registered as the father of the child. If the child's parents are not married, the father of the child must acknowledge his paternity. In most municipalities, it is the social welfare board that deals with issues of paternity, but this might also be handled by social district boards or municipal district boards.

    If the child's mother is an asylum seeker when the child is born, and is not married to the other parent, the child's paternity and maternity must be registered in conjunction with registration in the population register. This is done after the child has been granted a residence permit in Sweden.

  • The child’s development

    The child will go through many developmental phases and it is usual that parents will have many questions about the child's development.

  • Child safety

    It is important to child proof your home if you have a child of this age.

  • Parental leave

    Being on parental leave means that you are on leave from studies or work in order to look after your child. It is usual that both women and men take off from work or studies in order to be home with their children. The division of parental leave between the parents has strong connections to the perspective of the rights relating to children. A child has a right to close contact with its parents.

  • Parental insurance

    Parental insurance means that parents can be away from work in order to take care of their child. It is called parental leave. When you have parental leave you can seek parental support from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

  • Preschool

    If you are working or studying, your child may go to pre-school for the entire day starting at one year of age. It is a right. If you do not work or study, the child may nonetheless go to a public pre-school for some hours a day starting at 3 years of age.

    The municipalities are responsible for there being pre-schools and for children being offered places in them.

  • The child's health

    Children's Health Care (Barnhälsovården) focuses on children from birth till the start of the pre-school class. A central mission of children's health care is to follow all children's health, development and living situations.

    Children's health care central offers health care examinations and vaccinations, but you can also get advice on everything which affects your child's development.

    When your child is sick and needs health care, you can turn to the health care central.

  • Advice and support

    There are various places in the municipality to which you can turn in order to get advice and support, to receive parenting training, or to share experiences with other parents.